Astore Valley Gilgit Pakistan – Paradise on Earth

    Astore valley is 120km long with a region of 5,000km2, is situated in the north of Pakistan, in Gilgit-Baltistan . The valley is at the eastern substance of Nanga Parbat, a pinnacle 8,125 high, regularly called the Killer Mountain, as it is viewed as one of the most perilous mountains on the planet to ascend.

    Astore Valley
    Astore Valley towards Chillam choki

    Astore Valley Weather


     Covered Area

    The valley has a roughly 250 square kilometers of ice sheet cover. The closest Glacier in the wake of entering the valley is Harcho and the most effectively open Glacier is Siachen and while going towards the Astore Valley you can observe heavy Trucks Transporting Fuels and Supplies for the army because it close to LOC.

    Astore Valley Pakistan
    This Picture is taken while going Toward Astore Valley from KKH

    Best Rout for Astore Valley:

    • Islamabad to Mansehra Suggest Use Hazara Expressway  (Lassan Nawab Sahib Inter change )– Approx. 2 hours Drive
    • Lassan Nawab Sahib Interchange to Naran using N-15 Highway 125km- 3 h 45 min
    • Naran to Raikot Bridge 156 Km- 3 h 20 min using N-15 Highway
    • Raikot Bridge to Astore 55 km 2 h (Due to Bad Road Condition)
    Road to Astore Valley
    kkh to Astore

    How to Reach Astore from KKH ?

    • If You are coming from Chillas just before the Jaglot Town You ll see the Sign Board by Mentioning SKARDU and Deosai Plains
    • If you are on public transport than you have to switch the Public Transport from Gilgit, there is direct route from Rawalpindi as well.
    • MOST IMPORTANT: There are no pre-defined schedules for public Transport. Just try to go one day before to the bus station and ask for approximate timings

    Places to Visit in Astore Valley


    Landscapes of Astore Valley

    Astore Rama Meadows
    Rama Meadows

    The scene that makes up the Astore valley isn’t just of an enormous delight but on the other hand is, made out of huge geographic assortment and complexities, offering the brave explorer interminable trekking choices, just as the chance to get inundated in a culture which very few visitors have ever gotten the opportunity to encounter.


    Language People Speaks in Astore Valley

    Shina is one of the many languages spoken in Gilgit-Baltistan, a region which is home to an endless number of ethnicities and cultures. The people in Gilgit-Baltistan are ethnically and culturally closer to Central Asia (Afghanistan and Tajikistan, especially) than the rest of Pakistan.


    Cell Phone and Mobile Data (Coverage ) in Astore Valley

    As it is remote area Cell Phone Signals works only in the main city Astore , but if you go out for Exploring like Minimarg  often called (Chota Deosai) . Chillam Chowki Cell Phone won’t work and don’t think about data. Best Case Buy S.Com Sim from Gilgit , Jaglot or from Astore City before travelling into this area.

    Road Condition

    Astore Road Condition
    Astore Road

    Road is under construction and  will complete in 2020 so that will be good time to visit Astore Valley

    Winter Season in Astore Valley

    Winter picture of Astore
    Winter season of Astore Valley

    In winter, which runs from the finish of October until March, Astore turns out to be completely detached, since all the streets are obstructed by huge amounts of day off. In any case, in spite of this disconnection, Astore has a populace of more than 70,000 occupants, spread across in excess of 100 towns.


    Exploring the Surroundings of Astore Valley

    Astore Valley
    this photo is taken by adil khan

    Recruiting a Jeep 4×4 – The valley is just and solely available by four-wheel-drive vehicles. In the event that you can bear the cost of it, your best choice would lease a Jeep. There are many options in Jeep Category you can Hire Cheap one 3 Door or Prado With Sunroof. The average rate of Hiring Jeep is around Rs 6000-10000.

    • Don’t Forget to take Sunblock with you.

    Hotel and accommodation in Astore Valley

    Hotels are only Available in Astore City you can find some guest house near Rama Lake but the best option is to stay at Astore City.



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