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Attabad Lake Pakistan

Attabad Lake is situated in Hunza District in a Small Town called Gojal. A massive landslide possibly triggered by an earthquake came crashing down the mountains and buried the village of Attabad, in Hunza Valley, in the  The lake was created by a landslide which happened in the village of Attabad on 4 January 2010. The landslide killed 20 people. It blocked the flow of the Hunza River for five months which formed the Lake.

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Road to Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is 14km From Karimabad

Weather of Attabad Lake

Beset time to Visit Attabad Lake is From June to October in winter it gets freeze.

Attabad Lake Today’s Weatehr

Attabad Lake History

In January 2010, a massive landslide possibly triggered by an earthquake came crashing down the mountains and buried the village of Attabad, in Hunza Valley, in the Gilgit Baltistan region, about 760km away from Islamabad.

Attabad Lake Disaster
Landslide 2010

Rocks and soil dammed the the Hunza River’s drainage area which quickly filled to maximum depth and created a new lake, displacing some six thousand people and damaging more than 20 km of the Karakoram Highway. This highway was the only connection to this remote region.

Attabad Lake After Disaster

After The Disaster

Areil View of Attabad Lake

Five months after the calamity, Attabad Lake developed to around 21 km long. It winds along the thin valley like an enormous blue snake, supplementing the staggering magnificence of the valleys of Gilgit and Hunza effectively specked with many lovely turquoise mountain lakes.

The lake has become a major draw for sightseers. Few inns and guesthouses have jumped up around the lake, and different recreationally exercises, for example, drifting, stream skiing, and angling occur on the lake. Be that as it may, for those influenced by the avalanche, the fact of the matter isn’t exactly so pleasant.

Depth of Attabad Lake

The stunning blue colors of this beautiful lake, nestled among the peaks of the Karakoram mountain range in northern Pakistan, belies its violent origin with depth of 109M as compared to depth of Saif-ul-Maluk which is 15M.

Attabad Lake

Raod Construction

The military cleared neighborhood individuals and incidentally moved them to another valley. With the parkway overwhelmed, vehicles, travelers and cargoes needed to carried over the water in wooden pontoons.

Despite the fact that the outing was regularly a delight for sightseers, for truckers and neighborhood inhabitants, it was a significant problem and after that with the help of China built a Tunnel.

Construction of RaodTranportation at Attabad

Before work on the Attabad tunnels was completed by Chinese and Pakistani engineers, the only route for the locals and tourists to cross the lake, was through a small boat. Interestingly, these boats were also used to transport cars and SUVs and Trucks.

Attabad lake tunnel

tunnel Pakistan

Tunnel was formed with the help of Chinese Company the Total Length of total is 7 KM

Tourist Attraction

Attabad Lake snow

  • This beauty changes its color from deep blue to light blue. During the fall the top layer of the water freezes and it becomes impossible to witness the color change. This is one of the famous lakes of PakistanAttabad Jheel
  • The major tourist attraction of the place is that bluish Color of Attabad Lake.Attabad lake hunza
  • While boating in Attabad Lake you can see Majestic Passu Cones.

    Attabad Lake
    Passue Cones from Attabad

Domestic Tourist

Domestic Tourist

Domestic Tourist are increasing day by day to Visit the Attabad Lake and surrounding of Hunza Valley.

International Tourist

As its beauty during the recent years we see huge number of tourist visited this lake.

Attabad lake Tourist


.Hunza Lake

Attabad Lake View Points and hotels

There are very Few Hotels make sure have advance booking. If you have plan to go stay there Better suggest to Stay at Karimabad.

Attabad Lake Hotel


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