Chitral National Park

5 Unique Ways to See Chitral National Park

Chitral National Park It is situated in the valley of the Hindukush and a two-hour's drive from Chitral city Northern Areas of Pakistan . It is known for having the world's biggest populace of Markhor, its...
Gwdar Pakistan

5 Things to Visit in Gwadar

Gwadar Is a Beautiful hammerhead molded city, surrounded via ocean on three sides . Because of its extraordinary shape and remote ocean ports, it has key significance in the area For CPEC. Develpoment has...
Cold Desert Skardu

Cold Desert Skardu- Itinerary

Cold Desert Skardu, otherwise called the Katpana Desert, The most elevated desert on the planet, is a high-height desert situated close Skardu, Northern Areas of Gilgit-Baltistan district. The desert contains scopes of...
Northern Areas of Pakistan

7 Reasons Travelling Is a Great Way to See Northern Areas of Pakistan

What are the Northern Areas of Pakistan ? Northern Side of Pakistan Start Froms Galyat I-e (Muree and Nathiyagali) in the event that you take Center city of Pakistan i.e Multan From Galyat ahead each...

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