5 Unique Ways to See Chitral National Park

Chitral National Park

It is situated in the valley of the Hindukush and a two-hour’s drive from Chitral city Northern Areas of Pakistan .

It is known for having the world’s biggest populace of Markhor, its outstanding verdure, fauna and scene. Overall imperiled types of snow panther likewise dwell in the region however once in a while observed by any voyagers.

The best thing about Chitral National Park is that it is home to Pakistan’s national tree Deodar, national winged creature Chukor and national creature Markhor. Entire of Chitral could be seen from this spot.

It is rarely visited by any sightseers perhaps due to its not all that simple access by a long sloppy unpleasant track not in excess of a vehicle wide which keeps you at the edge constantly.


Chitral National Park


  • Wake up Call@8am
  • Left for Gol National Park@10am
  • Reached Gol National Park@12:00pm
  • Plummet time: 40min

Mode of Transport

Its enthusiastically prescribed to go by means of a 4×4 vehicle. The abnormal street isn’t reasonable for normal vehicles.

Chitral jeep

Weather Conditions

Chitral Weather Today

Chitral National Park is certainly not a freezing place. Its temperature is progressively similar to Lahore or Islamabad, so don’t hope to wear comfortable apparel in the long periods of June July. A T shirt would get the job done. Remember to wear sunscreen, you won’t perceive yourself on the off chance that you don’t avoid potential risk.


Accommodation Conditions

There is no lodging or outdoors office in the Chitral National Park, nor did we discover any refreshment shop. So on the off chance that you are wanting to remain in this region, you have to take your own outdoors hardware alongside cooking offices at Chitral National Park.

My Experience

As we were on the primary and the main street to the wild Gol National Park or you can say Chitral National Park, we were shocked by the bends and turns on our way. Nobody of us had foreseen this sort of twisted street. It brought back all the recollections of jeep ride towards the pixie knolls which was brimming with sickening exciting bends in the road.

It’s anything but a created visitor site, so no different voyagers than us was situated on the excursion. Notwithstanding, a PTDC inn is under development in Chitral National Park.

Chitral National Park

  • I’m certain it would bring this specific territory into spotlight. After somewhere in the range of 30 mins, the green crescent curve perusing “Gol National Park” was reached. Next we enrolled our subtleties to the gatekeeper and set off to the top pinnacles. One can get the gauge of secured stature by watching the size of Chitral Airport Runway :D. We additionally found a centuries old well known Deodar Cedar tree on our way towards the most noteworthy point.


Chitral National Park


  • At last, after 2 hrs. of jerky ride, we were at the top. It was dead tranquil. Innumerable butterflies and a few blossoms could be situated in the region.
  • Two wonderful ponies could be seen at some separation. On the off chance that you have warmth for places like Monal in Islamabad, Eagle Nest in Hunza, Khapocho fortification in Skardu, you would cherish this spot



  • The perspective on Chitral from up here was astonishing. The vast majority of the northern pieces of the recreation center are over the tree line and have numerous high mountain tops secured with day off.Chitral National Park View
  • Those snow topped mountains at one side gives an alleviating sight uniquely on the off chance that you are visiting this spot in summers.
  • As I would like to think this is an excellent spot on the off chance that you are attached to calmer places from the city traffic and group. You can ruminate too without confronting any sort of obstruction from nearly anything.


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