Deosai Plains: Visit world’s 2nd highest Alpine Plains

Deosai National Park

Deosai is situated on the limit of Karakoram and the western Himalayas, and at no time it is under 4000 meters above ocean level. It stays secured with snow for 8 months. The remainder of the year, it has a scope of wonderful blossoms all things considered and hues, however not a solitary tree is found in this level spread more than 3000 sq. km.

Deosai Plains
Summer’s Picture Bara pani

Deosai national park is situated in the middle of Skardu, Kharmang , Astore and Gultari valleys in Gilgit Baltistan. Larger part of which lies in Skardu District. Deosai signifies “The place that is known for Giants” in Urdu language. The nearby Balti name of Deosai is Ghbiarsa which signifies “summer’s place”. Since it is just available in summer

Deosai National Park
Autumn Picture of Deosai Credit: Vazeer

The plain is encompassed by in excess of 20,000 feet high mountain tops on all sides that are snow-shrouded lasting through the year. These are genuine goliaths. It is hard to depict the wonder and the motivation one feels being in the organization of such mammoths.

Deosai Plains Wild life
Credit: Masaub Sharif

I am not overstating as one must see Deosai in any event once in life as Deosai national park and pool of Shoeshar are extraordinary magnificence and work of art of Gods flawlessness.

Individuals are quick suffering riches and influence however not having a lot of offices to achieve genuine feelings of serenity. The Deosai National Park is one to visit to unwind and see superb magnificence of Northern zones of Pakistan.

There are various springs in Deosai, radiating with trout fish filling in as nourishment for local people and bears the same. 5000 meter high mountains in the setting, untamed life spreading in these mountains, mists so low that one can nearly contact them, Himalayan Golden birds flying between the mists, and a women’s activist aroma in the climate which most likely is a blend of earthy colored bears, red foxes, white tigers, and wicked marmots — this is the genuine magnificence of Deosai.

In case you’re enamored with experience and the absolute most fantastic perspectives called the top of the world and this spot has everything. Best time to visit is August as should be obvious its blossoms and green lush valleys in full sprout. One needs to have an extremely prepared neighborhood driver with four-wheeler to appreciate the Trip. It is tiring yet viewing the 2 brilliant lakes and new water streams with green and extravagant valleys is justified, despite all the trouble. From Skardu it takes around four hours drive to arrive at wonderful Shosar lake toward the finish of Deosai Valley. We went to lake and returned to Skardu in night. Cherished the Sadpara lake additionally which is exceptionally near Skardu.There are many imperiled types of creatures like Brown Bear , Lepords and Markhoors found at Deosai Valley which are hard to spot in a day visit. Comfortable garments suggested and one can feel getting overwhelming inhaled rapidly all things considered around 12000 to 13000ft.

Bara Pani Deosai

Bara Pani is the biggest of the streams that navigate Deosai National Park. The Deosai National Park is situated between Kharmang.

Kala Pani Deosai

Kala Pani Deosai


Bara pani Deosai
Old Picture of Kala Pani

How to reach Deosai?

Deosai Plains is available in summer while in winter it is out of reach because of substantial snow fall. On the off chance that you might want to visit Deosai by means of Skardu, at that point above all else you need to travel Skardu city. From Islamabad you can make a trip to Skardu via Air (PIA) or by Road by means of Karakoram Highway. It takes 45 minutes to reach Skardu from Islamabad via air. From Skardu city it takes 1 hour to reach Deosai top through Sadpara. While in transit to Deosai you can see the lovely perfectly clear Sadpara Lake.

Adjacent to that Deosai is additionally available by means of Chillam, Astore valley. After a long excursion from Islamabad to Astore you will reach Chillam. Besides you need to travel by means of Chillam valley. At long last you will reach Sheosar Lake. Skardu is the best and most limited course for you on the off chance that you are in rush . First you need to travel Skardu city via air. It takes just 45 minutes to reach Skardu via air , moreover it takes 1 hour to reach Deosai from Skardu city. What’s more you can likewise visit Shangrila resort, Kachura lake,cold desert and Shigar fortress in Skardu.


Route I to Deosai National Park

A mountain Road  from Skardu Bazaar raises to the Sadpara town. From this picturesque stunning road, Sadpara lake appears to be wonderful to such an extent, that the spectators neglect to try and flicker. Before long comes the Sadpara town, where the neighborhood kids have contrived with the nature to stop the vehicles


At the point when the town is deserted, the road gets uneven, and expanding stature squeezes your ears. High mountains on one side, and profundities on the opposite side — it is sufficient to stop the heartbeat of first-time guest. Yet, when you are finished with the excursion, such a scene anticipates you, which can nor be depicted in words, nor would it be able to be totally caught in photos.


Route II to Deosai National Park

Deosai National Park

From Astore, one needs to reach up to Chillam Chowky where one enters the Deosai Plain. Directly at the outset, there is a lake… The SheoSar, which actually signifies ‘dazzle lake’ on the grounds that the exit of water from the lake was viewed as covered up.


The all out intersection may take numerous hours. 3 to 4. or then again more. In any case, the track over the plain is practically leveled, rock type road, with simple intersections. A 4WD is suggested however not fundamental.

The zone has earthy colored bear, that are as a rule far away from the Road and from the vacationer traffic. Individuals keen on watching bears need to reroute and go sideways a significant long way. In any case, in winter season, these bear come very close to the regions involved by people.


A couple of tent inns have sprung up to a great extent. Be that as it may, strong development is precluded in the zone since government has pronounced this a national park.


Hotels and Accommodation

There are no changeless lodgings on the Deosai National Park, yet tent inns are springing up, and visitors could set up their own shelters.

Hotels in Deosai

It is a practically level plain, with a delightful lake called Sheo Sar which means Blind Lake, on the grounds that the leaving water isn’t obvious to the eyes. There are two streaming streams…. lovely zones to camp.

Deosai is the mix of two words ‘Deo’ (mammoth) and ‘Sai’ (shadow). For quite a long time, it is accepted that this spot is spooky by monsters, along these lines the name ‘The Land of the Giants’ appeared. The climate in very capricious here, now and again it begins snowing in summer. Daylight and mists appear to play find the stowaway here, with the sun sparkling one moment, and cloudy in next.


This region stayed uncrossable for a long time because of bounty of assortment of natural life here. Cold breezes, rainstorms, and nearness of natural life make it difficult to abide here even in this age, that is the reason Deosai is for the most part uninhabited.

Deosai has a stunning quiet, a quietness traversing over hundreds of years. The quietness is profound to such an extent that one can hear his own pulse, except if a marmot’s whistle fills the valley

A spring coursing through the road has broken it, hindering the vehicles, and when a vehicle eases back down, neighborhood kids stop them to sell fruits and other nearby natural products.


Geology and Wildlife

Brown Beer Deosai
Credit:salman rashid

Deosai is situated at the fringe of Himalayas and Karakoram. It offers western Himalayas environment. Deosai covers a zone of 3000 sq Km. It has a blend of fields, levels, slopes, streams, lakes and mountains. Deosai is home to imperiled Himalayan Brown Bear. Deosai National Park is likewise home to brilliant marmot, red fox, Ladakh urial, musk deer,Himalayan ibex, Markhore, Himalayan wolf and snow panthers. Feathered creatures incorporates vulture, hawk, snow cockerel, griffon vulture, brilliant eagle,sparrowhawk and transitory flying creatures . To ensure these natural life extraordinarily himalayan earthy colored bear, Deosai was announced a national park in 1993 by administration of Gilgit Baltistan. With the assistance of WWF and different associations the quantity of earthy colored bears are expanding day be day. The complete number of earthy colored bear is presently 35 starting at 2006 report.



Best Time to Visit Deosai Plains

Deosai Winter
Deosai Winter Picture

Best season to visit is mid June to August when Deosai is brimming with wild blossoms. It is in reality a high height level. It I is the second most noteworthy level on Earth after Chang Thang level Tibet. Subsequently July is the best season to visit.

Winter in Deosai
Winter in Deosai

Exploring Deosai National Park

Deosai is currently a national park in this way there are some limited zones. Parks and natural life division of Gilgit Baltistan government has isolated the territory into numerous zones. You can visit in specific zones as it were. Center zone is an exceptional ensured zone for Brown Bear. There are numerous streams and lakes. Angling is permitted with permit. The level is a level brimming with wild blossoms, lakes, streams and knolls. It isn’t not exactly a heaven on earth. A night camp at Sheosar Lake will take your spirit past this planet. Around evening time you can appreciate radiant perspective on smooth way system and trillions of stars. You will never discover such a staggering spot anyplace on the planet.

Deosai Pakistan

  • Visit Sheosar Lake
  • Cross the scaffold at Bara Pani
  • Fish for trout
  • Trek on very much trodden trails
  • Camp under the stars
  • Interact with the neighborhood natural life

Sheosar Lake Pakistan

A few water bodies dab the recreation center all through, yet the biggest among them is Sheosar Lake. It isn’t just the biggest lake in the recreation center yet in addition probably the most noteworthy lake on the planet at almost 13,600 feet. The lake is situated in the midst of a field of wildflowers, and you can find a setting of the Nanga Parbat behind it on a sunny morning.

Sheosar Lake Deosai

It is home to a few water bodies and Bara Pani, and Kaala Pani are two streams that you should cross to arrive at the lake. While Kaala Pani is genuinely shallow and tolerable in a jeep, Bara Pani is crossed with the assistance of a wooden scaffold. Notwithstanding, the test here is that the scaffold can just manage a specific measure of weight, so the jeep must traverse the extension with no travelers ready. In this way, you should cross the influencing wooden scaffold by walking, moving to the song of the furious stream beneath


Views about Deosai Plains

  • This magnificent spot is available from July onwards. Rise is 4.114m . Home of the Himalayan Brown bears, Golden marmots and numerous other vegetation .
  • Remember to pack your down coats , sun screen and a decent mosquito repellent when visiting here !
  • Anyone visiting Northern Pakistan must visit . Its a jeep track for more than halfway from Skardu. You should just go in a jeep or a 4 x 4 SUV. The jeep track was very uneven and individuals with back issues ought not go on this course. When you enter the national park the view is astounding and continues changing as you move along. There are campgrounds at places in the recreation center. Washroom offices and tidbits/cold beverages/water are accessible. We left the recreation center towards Astore. Enroute to Deosai we saw Satpara lake and Sheosar lake is inside the recreation center. Both are very excellent.



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