Hingol National Park

Golden Sand beach and Hingol national park

Buzzi Pass

Makran seaside parkway cross through focal mountain scopes of Hingol.

The scene significantly change after kund malir .The region has stayed under seawater a large number of years back, so delightful engineering of Mountains and gorge show up as Monuments, similar to they are etched by a Giant Artist .

hingol national park

Well known tourist spots around there :

  • GOLDEN SAND BEACH is the Most Beautiful sea shore along waterfront higway.
  • Its Golden desert Sand , clear waters and void sea shore will mesmorize you !
  • BUZZI PASS gives a grand perspective on cool beach front expressway through mountainshingol national park Princess


(named by Angelina Jolie, when she visted here in 2005) is a Rock structure , which resembles an etched or Natural landmark of a Mythical Goddess .

Hingol National Park

Mythical Ancient landmarks of Makran human advancement .

  • There is nearness of Ancient human advancements of Makran who followed antiquated religions of buddhism and Hindusm and lived here a great many years ago.The Rock developments around there Looks like etched structures of Temples and structures.
  • It isn’t evident that these landmarks are Naturally made via Sea water or Artificially made a large number of years back.
  • Despite the fact that Archeological investigations have not been made around there however more research is required .
  • From kund malir .an hour drive on the makran beach front expressway through the mountain run ;the street smoothes and lead towards Ormara ,which is 120 kms away.
  • Hingol National ParkKund Malir


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