#1 Beautiful Kalash Valley Pakistan

Kalash Valley

The Kalasha Valleys are in Chitral District in northern Pakistan.A few students of history have expounded on the Kalash and the vast majority of them have connected them to relatives of the military of Alexander the Great since a considerable lot of their ceremonies, customs and conventions are demonstrative of the lifestyle of the old Greeks.

The Kalash with their one of a kind culture, conventions, ceremonies, qualities, celebrations and clothing are not be found anyplace else on the planet.

Kalash Valley Weather

Kalash Valley Pakistan

Kalash Valley is divided into three main sub-valleys.

  1. Barir Valley

  2. Bumburet valley

  3. Rumbor Valley

Kalash individuals lead a centuries-old crude lifestyle with a religion, which has no name, no composed book or prophets thats why People in Pakistan also name it Kafristan(No-Religion) Valley.

Kalash Valley is Famous for

Rich Culture, Norms ,Value and Their Famous Joshi Festival.

  • Kalash Valley is known for its local handicrafts.

Kalash Valley handcraft

  • Secially their headgear and belts worn around the waists by women in Kalash Valley.

Kalash Valley Girls headgear

  • Carpets and Rugs are also exemplary for their rich colorful culture of Kalash Valley.Kalash Valley Girls Belt
  • Kalash community has been living in this region for millennia. The legend goes that they are descendants of Greek soldiers who came here as part of Alexander the Great’s Indian campaign in 326 BC (although the validity of this claim is disputed).


How to Reach Kalash Valley

It takes around 8 to 10 hours drive from Islamabad to Chitral, one can likewise reach Chitral via air from Peshawer Airport. The more mainstream course via land is from Gilgit-taking 14 hours if all the jeeps on the 5-7 stages of the course are co-ordinated. This course is viewed as the more secure and progressively picturesque.

This Road Map From Chitral Road to Kalash Valley.

Kalash Valley Map


Kalash Valley Road

Road Condition is not Very bad only one Car can go at a time.

So share my Experience with you as we were getting closer, we were drawn more toward the windows of the car. I had heard a lot of thing about the beauty of women in Kalash but actually witnessing it was a whole new experience. They were innocent, they were confident, they were fierce, they were polite, they were loyal and hell yes, they were pretty.


  • Wake up call@8am
  • Left for Gol National Park@10am
  • Back to Chitral@1pm
  • Left for Kalash@1:30pm
  • Arrival at Ayun@2pm
  • Arrival at Bamborait@4pm

P.S. Hotels are easily available with good food in Kalash Valley for the tourists.Kalash Valley Road
The ride was very bumpy. It took us 2.5 hrs on a rough irregular patch to reach Bamborait.

Things to do in Kalash

• Have as many berries from the trees as you like
• Visit some older parts of the village and see their architecture
• Go inside a home to observe their way of living
• Visit Kalash Museum
• Buy headgear and their traditional dress
• Visit their places of celebration of seasonal festivals
• Visit graveyard

Kalash Girls

My Experience

The people were used to having tourists in the area so no irritating stares were observed by me as we passed from the main street lined with different shops to the old settlement of Kalashi people.

Their architecture was rich. Walnut wood was used to make two story houses, first being the Baramda and second having rooms. It was based on large pillars and beams decorated with human and animal figures-each one depicting a particular superstition and myth.


A single room is equipped with all kind of required household facilities; from charpai to a rice stainer.

The people of the area are well educated and oldest feminists alive in the world. Their women were super strong and treated equal to men. I also came to know that they are serving the nation in various fields of medicine, engineering and even flying.

Even though they are not Muslims, they treat their women as equals. I was surprised to meet those beautiful super ladies who are making their own paths in this land of patriarchy.

Older people of the area don’t understand urdu, however, younger Kalash FestivalOlder people of the area donot understand urdu, however, younger generations are familiar with urdu and english both. If you ask nicely, some of them may agree for photographs as well.

I also want to clear a misconception that Kalashi’s are Kaafir so nobody should dare say Salam to them. There is no such thing. Kalashi people are hospitable. They say salam to every tourist they meet. Moreover, Muslim community also lives in harmony in the very same area as well. So you can find a number of mosques in the region.

Enjoy your visit of this beautiful place that is situation in Northern areas of Pakistan



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