Kund Malir beach karachi

Beautiful Kund Malir Beach

  • Kund malir sea shore is situated on makran seaside expressway in Balochistan ,230 km drive from karachi.which can take 4-6 Hrs. from Karachi city towards Hub , its 30km yet there is in every case Heavy traffic on the road.so the best time to leave city is mid-night to early morning.Balochistan territory begins from Hub , Take the karachi to Quetta ,RCD Highway for additional 100 kms till zero point.

Kund Malir Beach Karachi

  • MAKRAN Coastal Highway begins from zeropoint. It is 600 km long along the shore of Middle Eastern ocean and it was made in 2005. This Majestic thruway cross different Beaches , landmarks , valleys ,national park and lead to Gwadar city and closures at Pak-iran outskirt.
  1. Beginning from zero point , around 90 km further .there are Chandargrup Mud Volcano and Sapat Beach. They are scarcely any kms rough terrain, so its better to take 4×4 vehicle over the desert.Kund Malir Beach Karachi
  2. Further 40 km on the waterfront thruway. There is unassuming community Agor ,where lies the eighth century mosque and cemetery.
  3. Mosque was worked by Muhammad receptacle qasim himself (muslim leader who attacked the subcontinent in 712 A.D).
  4. Furthermore, those Graves has a place with warriors of receptacle qasim armed force who were matyrs of Battle in this region.There is Also Hindu Mandirs in the mountains of hingol(nani mandir and Hinglaj mandir ).
  5. From Agor Hingol national park begins, and further 10km on the expressway, there is Mesmorizing sea shore of Kund Malir.
  6. Kund Malir is little angling town ,and its known for its Golden sands , clear waters long segment of cost line and Dolphins.

There are likewise sea shore resort ,outdoors zone and drifting. Heaps of vacationers are resulting in these present circumstances sea shore nowadays, shockingly making trash and envriromental contamination.


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