7 Reasons Travelling Is a Great Way to See Northern Areas of Pakistan

What are the Northern Areas of Pakistan ?

Northern Side of Pakistan Start Froms Galyat I-e (Muree and Nathiyagali) in the event that you take Center city of Pakistan i.e Multan From Galyat ahead each region comes in the North till the Khunjerab Pass which Includes Gilgit Baltistan (Hunza-Skardu) and District Hazara (Naran-Kaghan )and zones of Azad Jamu and Kashmir and obviously how might we miss Swat.

Northern Area of Pakistan

Which Valleys are famous in Pakistan?

  • Muree Nathiyagali
  • Naran Kaghan
  • Hunza Gilgit
  • Neelum Valley (AJK)
  • Behrain-Malamjabba Swat
  • Shandur Chitral
  • Lower Kachura Skardu

How to Visit Northern Areas of Pakistan ?

  1. You can visit these spot via Airplane and afterward you need to employ a vehicle or Jeep 4×4 is best because of avalanches and icy masses and a few roads are under development different ways.
  2. Car/jeep
  3. Bike
  4. Public Transport

Is is Safe to Travel in Northern Pakistan ?

Truly! Its completely Safe to Travel in Northern Areas yet for International visitor Special zones like K2 base camp you need to take authorization


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