Organic Village Skardu

Organic Village Skardu

Natural Village (Nansoq Village) is situated on the posterior of the acclaimed Kharpocho Fort a good ways off of about 2km in the Northern Areas of Pakistan . Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) helped in setting up this natural town. It holds an uncommon spot in the vacationer locales of skardu city on account of its alive antiquated acts of agribusiness and heavenly nourishment. Celebrated characters, for example, Prince of Wales Prince Charles and His Highness Aga Khan visited this town in 2006.

Weather Condition

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Organic Village Skardu


  • Reminder (Skardu city)@7am
  • Left for Kharpocho Fort@8am
  • Reached Kharpocho Fort@8:45am
  • Left for Organic Village@10:30am
  • Arrived at Organic Village@12:30pm

Trek Details

Organic village Trek

  • It was a 2km lovely trek that offers flexible delightful scariness in transit. Indus stream accompanies you towards your goal in an average manner.
  • The path has many good and bad times, some level zones shrouded in substantial sand and some rough pathways too.Organic Village Northern Areas Of Pakistan


I had glanced through this spot on web going before my visit of skardu anyway didn’t find a great deal of stuff beside its notification in the must visit spots of skardu city.

So I decided to incorporate it up in my overview of ‘to be visited’ places. Besides, by and by I’m something past upbeat that I did. The journey started from the bed of the mountain holding Kharpocho Fort towards the right.

It wasn’t extraordinary in any capacity. We were moving rapidly along the pathway having some little delicately painted wooden frameworks in the significant corners.

As the points of view were changing from a town to the Indus conduit, the pathway showed up as sandy way driving towards a dive and thereafter towards the stream.

Organic Village

At the point when we moved ever closer saw it, I bet I lost the sentiment of my whereabouts for a second or two. I was looking at a flawless stranded coastline with no visitors ever. Charcoal dim wet sand with no garbage seemed to call me towards it.

The stream crown of mountains and sky overflowing with thick white cotton balls presented a charmed view. I was up ’til now lost.

I know since I hadn’t saw my sidekicks at my sides. Out of the blue, I think I heard someone saying from far away ,”OYE YE TO SWITZERLAND LAG RAHA HAI”, that is where I shuddered and comprehended that he is walking legitimately contiguous me and he was hollering instead of standard humanly talk.

I smiled and went towards it. Past that beach, the passage was level, perfectly fixed with wooden sticks to welcome its visitors. After that came the harsh part, progressively like a stage plan, easy to follow.

Organic Village Skardu

Ensuing to crossing point that dynamic roadway, an entryway showed up which said “Welcome to the First Organic Village“. Woohhh…The happiness was out of the world..

At the point when I headed inside, I was frustrated by the quietness of the zone. The fundamental thought in my mind was; What an exquisite place!… Why someone lock heaven in such a little locality?…. Is it for real?…Walking through the wooden sticks lined paths I met a few youngsters who illuminated me concerning their examinations.

Organic Village Northern Areas of Pakistan

I was surprised to understand that they travel 3km by strolling step by step to show up at their school. That is the kind of get-going we need in our next ages if we have to stay among the line of made countries.

In the wake of taking a round I sat on the rich green grass to take in all the greatness, fulfillment and light around me. The spilling Indus by the side, peeping winged animals, contacting goats and cool winds were the force all the while.

Organic Village Skardu

What more I could’ve mentioned. That was all enough to expend the rest of time on earth in seclusion. In any case, a hopeless update from a friend!

“We will be late. Surrenders back”.


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