Passu Cones – Things you must know about these Pointed Peaks

    Passu Cones

    Passu is around 14 kilometers from Gulmit, which is the Tehsil Headquarters of the Gojal Valley of Gilgit Baltistan and around 150 kilometers upward from Gilgit city and lies near the very edge of Passu icy mass. The most noteworthy purpose of the zone is Mount Tu Popdan at a height of 6, 106 meters from ocean level.

    Passu Cones
    This Picture is take from Attabad Lake

    Hold your breath, these are sun gulping mountains! Passu Cones, misleads the north of the Gulmit town in Gojal Valley,Pakistan. “Passu Cones” are one of the most striking tourist spots on the Karakoram Highway.

    Passu Cones Hunza

    The spiked rough Peaks push skywards from the remainder of the Karakoram Range are a capturing sight.It is the most Photographed Peaks of the district. Additionally close by are the high pinnacles of Pasu Sar, Shispare Sar, and Batura

    Passu Cones Pakistan

    Passu Cones is a position of extraordinary centrality when we talk about Gilgit Baltistan district of Pakistan.


    There are such a significant number of spots to meander about the Northern Areas of Pakistan however a minor region of Passu in Upper Hunza has an extraordinary qualification and gigantically popular among the sightseers from everywhere throughout the world on account of its area along Karakoram Highway (KKH).

    Passu Cones Gilgit

    Local people call it Tupopdan, the “sun gulping mountains”, and as the day’s last beams gleam off the brilliant bronze stone, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. “Tupopdan” is likewise once in a while interpreted as “hot rocks”, purported in light of the manner in which the day off ice appears to sneak off (or dissolve away from) the sheer bluff dividers.


    Passu Village


    Passu Village is among Hunza and Sost, adjoining Khunjerab Pass from where the fringe of China is on a separation of barely any kilometers. Absolute surface region of the town spreads around 1,050 square kilometers.


    People of Passu

    As you go into the Village you will see a horde of blue-peered toward kids energetically watch you and will begin waving at you with radiating appearances.


    You will discover the Passu locals generally educated and amicable in their area. Its an incredible spot to visit in any event once in life time, to appreciate the perspective on Passu cone, diverse high elevation tops including Passu top over Passu Glacier. Getting a charge out of a genuine safe ice sheet, that is generally simplest to reach.



    The town looks excellent with a remarkable scene, the most noteworthy piles of the world, the glades, the desolate grounds, the landscapes, the level springs just as the ice sheets. The individuals are of Ismaili Sect and Tajik Origin who communicate in Wakhi language.

    Passu Glacier

    The Passu Cones (genuine name, Tupopdan) is a scope of pinnacles overshadowing the town of Passu in the Pakistani Northern region of Gilgit Baltistan. To add to the way that it’s one of my preferred photos I made while in Northern Areas of Pakistan.

    • Passu Glacier with Passu Peaks
    • Passu Cones
    • Passu Village
    • Passu lake


    Passu or Hussaini Suspension Bridge

    Passu Suspension Bridge

    Travelers will cross two scaffolds while trekking to Passu and bordering zones, one is Hussaini Suspension Bridge and the second is Passu Suspension Bridge. Fisrt suspension connect goes ahead the best approach to Khurramabad on the Hunza waterway. The good ways from the Khurramabad from the fundamental town takes an hour to access to the subsequent suspension connect. Khurramabad interfaces with Zarabad, in Hussani


    Passu Glacier

    Passu Glacier

    Passu Glacier (The White Glacier) is in Hunza Valley and in the south of Passu Village. Passu top is on the rear of the ice sheet. This very icy mass connections Batura Glacier with different ice sheets of the zone and it is the significant vacation spot.

    Passu Glacier

    Passu Glacier is simply near Passu and Gulkin Village upper Hunza in Gilgit-Baltistan Region, There is one of most energizing Trek to Patundas, which begins from Borit town, The Trek span is 3-4 days from Borit Village up to Patun Das and back to Passu Village . You can see some of astounding perspective on Shishper Peak and Passu eak from top of Patun Das.

    On the off chance that you ever visit Passu never miss the Apricot Cake from ‘Passu In

    It take an hour to trek from our inn Shisper View Hotel to Passu Glacier. Excellent scene around, simple way to go. Everybody come to Passu should visit.

    Try not to stop at perception point, go somewhat further, you can contact the ice sheet.

    This is must visit place for the individuals who are going toward Gilgit and Hunza.

    Karakoram parkway, you will begin seeing the Passu cones after about an hour drive from Hunza valley.

    A considerable lot of the climbing affiliations and experience establishments consider Passu as one of the extraordinary bouldering and rock climbing place

    Each new thing you ll find around there is more sight to behold. The Passu Glacier is an extraordinary site sandwiched between mountains. Try not to miss looking at it and unquestionably snap photographs.

    Likewise, check for climate as overwhelming downpours here and there can hinder the Highway due to the land sliding however that is for hardly any hours or most extreme for a day. Additionally, make sure to keep comfortable garments as these mountain regions get freezing at night and in winters because of snowfall the climate become chilling virus.

    Keep your camera or a cell phone completely energized as you can take some mind blowing pictures at this spot.

    Passu Cones are scarcely any sharp tops in the Karakoram Range that are found East of KKH in Passu/Husseini town territories. The impossible to miss pointed state of the various pinnacles situated on a solitary massif and their perceivability from most territories in Gulkin, Gulmit, Hussein and Passu regions put them on the map.

    I haven’t known numerous individuals who have climbed the different tops in Passu Cones. Climbing the pinnacles will be a genuine exertion that would require appropriate arranging. Some of them are truly steep and may include a specialized trip.

    The serrated pinnacles of Passu are appealing. Passu is a quiet valley encompassed by these brilliant mountains and with the waterway moving through it. Ice sheets and their waterways stumble into. Incredible spot to walk, trek or climb. Simply quiet!



    Our excursion began from Karimabad, Hunza toward the last known town of Pakistan Sust. Passing five passages with a complete separation of seven kilometers and two scaffolds we arrived at the Gojal Valley.

    We were going on a smooth and extraordinary thruway, with sublime mountains on one side, the mind blowing waterway on the other and the incredibly delightful territory in front.

    Going in the middle of this untainted characteristic excellence and the contamination free condition we came to Passu. Passu is a little town some 15KM from Gulmit.

    We stop at the Passu perspective for the grand perspective on Passu Peaks and the Glacier.

    Passu Peaks are otherwise called Passu Cones or Passu Cathedral and is 6,106 meters (20,033 ft.) high.

    Likewise close by are the high pinnacles of Passu Sar, Shispare Sar, and Bature. Batura likewise was known as Batura Sar at the tallness of 7,795 meters (25,574 ft) is the tenth most elevated mountain in Pakistan and 25th most noteworthy on Earth, and the 57 kilometers (35 miles) in length Batura Glacier is considered as the fifth biggest and longest icy mass outside the polar area.

    There are a wide range of approaches to reach Passu, either Hire a vehicle or a Jeep to go to Sust or Hunza and approach the driver to stop for some time at Passu Viewpoint.

    Or on the other hand one can jump into a transport going toward Sust and request that the driver drop you a Passu Village, yet for this situation, you need to either hold up of another transport that is going toward Sust or go through a night at a Hotel in Passu and afterward proceed with your excursion toward Sust in the first part of the day.

    There are various lodgings at Passu where you can remain for a night or two as long as you wish however recollect that in offseason when there are less visitor a few inns simply get shut so it is smarter to contact those inns before making an arrangement to remain at Passu.

    Views About Passu Cones

    • I have seen numerous photos of the spot however its in no way like seeing these extraordinary fine art of God face o face.
    • Passu is additionally the entryway to Shamshal valley, a concealed pearl for trackers. Will talk about on that some other day.
    • The excellent lake framed toward the finish of #Batura ice sheet, one of the longest icy mass in the World


    • A lot of Great pinnacles, Most photogenic Peak and the relentless Karakorum Highways.
    • One of the most amazing perspectives in Pakistan
    • The first occasion when I saw the Passu cones from the Hussaini connect was the time I completely took in the superbness and the wonder of Hunza’s scenes. What a delight!


    • Passu cones are effectively obvious from numerous areas around Passu. You get some incredible ones on the climbs to Borit Glacier, to the Passu suspension connect, just as when starting the trek up the left half of the Passu Glacier
    • Passu ice sheets is anything but difficult to access with your private card, you can design the outing regardless of whether you have brief timeframe to see ice sheet and appreciate a few snapshots of cold breeze


    • Passu Glacier is noticeable and can be seen in transit towards khunjerab paas. After Ghulk In town. Cold breeze and phenomenal scenary and furthermore a decent spot to take some rest while heading towards the end line of your excursion.
    • We went through Passu Glacier while in transit to Kunjerab Pass. It is wonderful and astonishing site to visit. Drive to Paasu Glacier from Karimabad is the new KKH that interface with Pak-China passage. Be set up for chilly climate and day off dark ice on street, however it merits the excursion.


    • There is a decent perspective on the ice sheet from the parkway underneath yet it merits an hour’s stroll to see from the perspective along a track on the left hand side, particularly as this icy mass, as others on the planet, is gradually withdrawing.


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