15 Admirable Reasons to Travel Sharan Forest The Hidden Valley of Pakistan


  Sharan Forest

It is a perfect miracle in the midst of KPK. It is arranged at 16km jeep trek from Paras (30km from Balakot). Sharan is known for its thick vegetation and agreeable little campsite made by the TCKP.

It isn’t yet advertised so the movement of voyagers is irrelevant which prompts tidiness and greater advancement and worth Watching Sharan Forest.


  • Left Islamabad @ 3am
  • Shown up at Paras @ 8am
  • Breakfast break (1hr)
  • Left Paras @9 am (through jeep)
  • Reached Sharan Campsite @10:45am
  • Move towards Manchi top @11:30am
  • Reached Manchi top@1:30pm (Trek time: 2hrs)
  • Left Manchi top@2:50pm
  • Reached Sharan Campsite at Sharan Forest@3:45pm (Hike down time: 55min)

 Accommodation office at Sharan Forest

  • Accommodation office needs novel notification. I can’t recognize KPK govt enough for the awesome effort they have set in for working up such an enticing and well-known spot in the center of thick forest.
  • Outside units and camps are open on rent. Washrooms are autonomous, as adaptable holder made up of ensured sheets. Another notwithstanding point is their standard, they were way cleaner than my craving and besides had an exhaust fan .
  • All the force is being made by daylight based sheets presented at every outside case. Simply 12V is available so you can not charge your phone or cameras over there. No straightener or dryer or roller in like manner.Sharan Forest Pakistan
  • Sustenance quality is furthermore adequate. A camp fills in as a submitted kitchen so if you have little kids with you, you can without quite a bit of a stretch use that camp to cook some phenomenal eatery for them for instance noodles, poridge or cerelac. No point of passing on electric pot as their is no 220V available to turn it on.
  • A whole camp is given as a dinning space to serve the sustenance. All the water of step by step use is being removed from a chashma gushing close by. Sun based springs are not open yet at sharan forest.

My Experience

I had been holding on for this journey for long. I was getting depleted of the crazy action I have and this was the primary concern I was envisioning. At last the day came. I was set for a spot which would have been one of the most magnificent objectives I have visited.

Following 5 hours of pleasing outing.

  • we showed up at Paras where we ate and a while later we were made a beeline for Sharan in a close by jeep.
  • The ride was damn magnificent joined by extraordinary songs arrangement in high dazzling volume.
  • My journey was nostalgic as in it helped me to recollect all my past development undertakings. Taobat’s dusty fix to fairymeadows unsafe jeep trek; Mahodand’s ride through monstrous pine trees of Ushu woods to Saiful Malook’s unpleasant drive. Gol National Park’s deadly undertaking to unpleasant trip of Siri Paye.
  • They were all returning on this 16km short outing to Sharan Forest. Gold, Red, Yellow, Orange and Green were the going with tints. I was happy yet hopeless. I was smiling yet forlorn yet I verified a specific something. I am made for this.Sharan

On coming to Sharan Forest outside sute:

I was superbly shocked by the organization of the field. The nature of the spot was overwhelming enough to stick a smile all finished while I walked around. Resting inclined seats were available to absorb the glow of sun in cool winters.

No junk, no plastic holders, no wrappers were found in the spot. Different dustbins were o

pen to hurl litter. I really welcome the administration for this movement.

Manchi Top

Manchi Top Sharan

  • We didn’t have a great deal of time so we left for Manchi top after 45 mins with our water bottles and a sack of goodies. The ascension isn’t inconvenient in any capacity.
  • To be sure, even juveniles can do it with no issue. The section was fixed with colossal chinar trees with splendid yellow leaves. Visiting along and breathing new buildup free air, we were gone to our objective on a much cleaner trek which was freed from trash and no excrement smell.
  • I bet you won’t disregard to favor that adventure. Consequent to resting at very few stops we finally went to the manchi top after 2 hours of good trip. Okay now this was something to regard for a long noteworthy time allotment.
  • It was stacked with rich green luxurious grass, included by gigantic snow bested mountains, cotton like fogs on top and fresh breezes to evacuate your heart.
  • Despite the way that manchi was stacked with goat poo and I hadn’t seen that proportion of goat crap in my whole 26 years of life, I had the alternative to save this and fortune the spot I was staying on.

There was a town at the lower side of manchi. Nearby individuals were adequately mindful to make us tea that we tended with bread moves from our nibbles pack.

Resulting to walking around some time and contributing extraordinary proportion of vitality at manchi; we say goodbye to the spot with a smile and started move back towards the campsite.

The day got done with an enchanting bonfire and meeting with an ideal fearless family there. That gab gave me the ideal proportion of motivation at the perfect time when I required it the most. I was sure that this journey won’t ever stop and I would keep masterminding my undertakings.

Finally I would state, If you have a wonderful heap of people in your friends and family, do visit the Sharan Forest with them as fast as time allows before it changes into a deny pile. Last anyway not the least. Don’t consider your kids a hazard at Sharan Forest.

You can acknowledge nearby the youngsters. Or on the other hand possibly move your eagerness of going in them by taking them along.

Sharan Forest

Do’s and Don’ts at Sharan Forest

  • Shooting people’s Picture is reliant upon their assent at Sharan Forest.
  • Buying close by things advantage the economy so favor eating from that place.
  • Use Dustbins to hurl litter to make the Sharan Forest Clean
  • Take snacks along to eat during the ascension.
  • Be neighborly to nearby individuals.
  • Take a lounger along in case you are joined to open cool spots.
  • Don’t disregard to keep battery banks at Sharan Forest.
  • Don’t just DON’T miss the splendid sky around night time.


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