Karombar Lake and Broghil Valley

Karombar Lake and Broghil Valley
Broghil Valley is located in the Chitral district of KPK province. The broghil valley neighbours Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan on one side, Yarkhun, Yasin & Ishkoman Valleys on the other sides. Karombar Lake with an altitude of around 4,300 meters above sea level (ASL) is one of the highest biologically active lakes in the world and is technically located...

Do Himalayan lynx kills Humans?

Himalayan Lynx
Lynx There are four Major species of Lynx ( (Canada lynx, Iberian lynx, bobcat , Himalayan Lynx or Eurasian lynx,) The Himalayan Lynx is very Rare and it is found it Northern Areas of Pakistan District Chitral. Appearance Lynx have a short tail, characteristic tufts of black hair on the tips of their ears, large, padded paws for walking on snow and...

83 Places to Visit in Pakistan Before You Turn 30

Travel while you're as yet youthful. Lose yourself to locate your own self. Live like there's no tomorrow. What's more, whatever you'll investigate today will endure forever with you. In this way, here's a rundown of 83 astonishing traveler spots to visit in Pakistan before you turn 30. What are you hanging tight for? It's an ideal opportunity to...

#1 Beautiful Kalash Valley Pakistan

Kalash Valley Pakistan
Kalash Valley The Kalasha Valleys are in Chitral District in northern Pakistan.A few students of history have expounded on the Kalash and the vast majority of them have connected them to relatives of the military of Alexander the Great since a considerable lot of their ceremonies, customs and conventions are demonstrative of the lifestyle of the old Greeks. The Kalash with...

5 Unique Ways to See Chitral National Park

Chitral National Park
Chitral National Park It is situated in the valley of the Hindukush and a two-hour's drive from Chitral city Northern Areas of Pakistan . It is known for having the world's biggest populace of Markhor, its outstanding verdure, fauna and scene. Overall imperiled types of snow panther likewise dwell in the region however once in a while observed by any voyagers. The...

Organic Village Skardu

Organic Village Skardu Northern Areas of Pakistan
Organic Village Skardu Natural Village (Nansoq Village) is situated on the posterior of the acclaimed Kharpocho Fort a good ways off of about 2km in the Northern Areas of Pakistan . Aga Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) helped in setting up this natural town. It holds an uncommon spot in the vacationer locales of skardu city on account of its...

15 Admirable Reasons to Travel Sharan Forest The Hidden Valley of Pakistan

Sharan Forest
    Sharan Forest It is a perfect miracle in the midst of KPK. It is arranged at 16km jeep trek from Paras (30km from Balakot). Sharan is known for its thick vegetation and agreeable little campsite made by the TCKP. It isn't yet advertised so the movement of voyagers is irrelevant which prompts tidiness and greater advancement and worth Watching Sharan...

5 Beautiful Things About Jiwani Beach Balochistan

Jiwani Beach
  Jiwani Beach Balochistan Jiwani is the Last town in South West of Pakistan , at pak-iran fringe and Middle Eastern ocean. Jiwani is 80 km away and 1hr drive from Gwadar. There are two streets to reach there , Makran Costal Highway and other is from Gwadar to Pishukan ,Gunz to Jiwani (rough terrain track). Pishukan is humble community found...

5 Things to Visit in Gwadar

Gwdar Pakistan
Gwadar Is a Beautiful hammerhead molded city, surrounded via ocean on three sides . Because of its extraordinary shape and remote ocean ports, it has key significance in the area For CPEC. Develpoment has begun in this city since 2007 and further in 2013 when Gwadar became center point for Cpec project.Ideal time to visit Gwadar is october to...

Omara Beach Balochistan

Omara Beach Balochistan
Ormara is a Hammer-head shape town found 360 km from karachi takes 6-8 hrs. Ormara got its name from Ormuz ,who was a General in the Army of Alexandar The Great. He passed on here in 400 BC.Ormara has huge Naval Base. Also, The vast majority of the sea shores are not open to Public. anyway There is a Beautiful Resort...